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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
How is that any different than the purchase of your 325?

For decades now, there has not been much value proposition when comparing a loaded Accord or FILL IN CAR here against a base 3 series.

This is not a new debate just because of the F30. I find better value for money now actually. Slightly bigger car with a usable back seat, 35mpg average, a lot more standard features, 270'ish HP at the crank, 5.4 to 60/100 mph trap at 14.0. BEFORE, a V-6 Accord would be bigger, better optioned, better MPG and be faster than the 328. So why throw the Accord debate at the F30 NOW without lobbying the same concerns dating back to the start of the 3.
The difference is for $45k you can get the accord and a civic for your sister.
For $32k in 2005, you could only get the accord V6 that was NOT as fast as the 325 and the handling/steering of the 325 was BMW-like.

A small, but noticeable difference...