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I picked up an 07 e92 335i a couple weeks ago, my mechanic who works for BMW looked at the car and informed my NSR alloy has a crack in it. Its not leaking air pressure at the moment, but the crack could get big enough to leak pressure at any moment.

I called Stephen James in Enfield, they told me a run-out test would be performed at a cost of 106 and I would have to pay for that. Then a good will gesture would be submitted to BMW UK. If its accepted then they will change the alloy, if not I will still have a cracked alloy and be 106 out of pocket.

Had to deal with BMW goodwill gestures in the past when the subframe collapsed on my E46 328ci...they gave me the run around then but fixed it in the end.

Wish me luck!
Just a quick update on my situation - got an alloy supplied and fitted free of charge through BMW goodwill. Initially I was quoted 106 for a run out test but throughout the entire process I was never asked for the money. I was expecting to pay the money upfront before they did the test (went through the same thing with my E46 Subframe repair, they wanted the cost of labour which I was then refunded). Maybe they just say about the 106 to put people off?

Had to wait 2 days for a reply from BMW regarding the goodwill but all in all a happy bunny!