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Cracked rims advice

Originally Posted by mesonparticle View Post
I have recently put down a deposit on a Sept 2009 (09/59) 330d M Sport Highline Coupe and I pick the car up later this week.

The car is low mileage for its year (27,000 miles) and 1 previous owner. Reading these forums I believe the M Sport Highline has the problematic 19Ē rims, all rather worrying whilst picking up a new car! (well, new to me!)

I bought the car from Wood Salisbury, which is a main dealer. The car is sold from the dealer under the approved-used banner and is subject to over 120 checks. As such, it has a 1-year BMW warranty and a new MOT.

My questions are:

1. Can I trust the dealer to pick up any problems with the alloys during the pre-sale and MOT checks? Or should I have someone independent inspect the wheels shortly after I take delivery of the car?
2. If the dealer do pick up a problem during their checks, but it is within the tolerances for the wheel, would these be reported or documented when the checks are made?
3. I donít want to come to the MOT in a yearís time and have the dealer claim that my driving is the cause of any cracks when they may have already started forming. As itís being bought by me as an ďapproved-usedĒ car, is there anything that I can do that would help ensure Iím not in this position at the next MOT in a yearís time?

Obviously Iíd rather know up front if there is a potential problem with the 19Ē alloys as it will be easier to fight my case if a problem should occur in the next year. Inspecting the inner edge of the rims isnít easy without a ramp (unless I take each wheel off individually to inspect them) and in any case, Iím not sure Iíd be qualified to give an opinion on what is a problem or potential future problem!

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
BUMP! (pick it up soon, so advice appreciated)