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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post
Unless of course it ISN'T sold as an Ipod interface, just a USB interface. I'm not arguing against you, just playing devil's advocate with what I expect the dealer to come back with....I'll let you knowhow I get on!

It is a bit like saying the phone option should come with a cradle - which phone would it come for ? Same here...which MP3 player interface cable should the generic USB interface come with
You nearly had me for a moment

But ....

The 6fl is sold as a USB interface for the connection of mp3 devices INCLUDING IPODS.

BMW already offer a specific IPOD interface, but this one is supposed to work with all MP3 players / usb memory sticks.

Furthemore it should be able to navigate the file structure and provide album, artist and playlist support.

With an ipod it will ONLY do this if you have the special BMW cable.

In the USA:

A supplied special cable connects the dock connector on the iPod to both the AUX-IN and the USB ports

In the UK the dealers position seems to be to sell an ipod compatible USB connection which is NOT ipod compatible (at least in the manner claimed) - unless you pay them another £40 for a cable. That is miss-selling.

The phone kit comparison is NOT a good one.

The 'option' you take for the phone kit is for the 'bluetooth connectivity'. This works with or without the cradle.

The option includes the cradle base which allows certain phones to be connected to an external aeriel and power supply - with an optional adapter.

Clearly a phone cradle HAS to be product specific - so it would not be sensible as a standard. It's not essential to the functionallity of the 'option' and that's made fairly clear by BMW.

The USB connection on the other hand does not seem to work 'as described' with an ipod without this cable.

It seems to me that selling the USB connection without the cable is more like selling the nav disc without postcode search - but telling people that postcode search is supported when they place their order.

The key difference with triggers position is that his dealer has properly explained the way in which the ipod will connect - so he could make his own decision.

Anyone who specified the 6fl because their dealer told them it would work 'out of the box' as an ipod connection should be given the cable for free, because they have been misled.