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E90 Owners with race seat installed - PLEASE HELP!

I'm installing a Recaro Profi seat, recaro side mounts & slider and a sparco BMW E9x subbase into my E90 and I'm running into a problem mounting up my driver side seat belt bracket to the new lower base plate. Every single youtube tutorial shows the install process with an E92 or 135i, ie. coupes only. The problem is for the coupes BMW mounted the belt to the floor with a loop which makes installing aftermarket seats much more simple. What has me hung up is the idea of installing the belt eyelet bracket from the OEM seat directly to the baseframe install location. The bracket was originally designed to sit a certain way secure into the seat using the hook to essentially secure it from two points and have the long part of the oval eyelet hole parallel with the loop from the belt (I hope that makes sense). If I were to just blindly bolt the bracked to the hole the belt loop would be jammed into the tight radius section of the metal bracket and I feel would stress that bracket in a way it wasn't designed. Am I over thinking this or is there a better way to mount this?

Edit: I did find this thread and it looks like buddy just mounted it and went on with his life, see post 103

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