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Originally Posted by slapmyfro View Post
very simple concept. the Wynn does not care about anything except how much you gamble. the more you gamble the more comps you get. if your a millionaire but dont gamble, guess what you dont get s**t. they dont care about how much money you have they care about how much you bet per hand per hour.

I was in vegas 3 weeks ago at the wynn and there was a old frail woman getting out of a RR, license plate WYNN6. Small bag, no jewlery etc. I asked the concierge at the tower suites (thats where we were staying) who she is and he said she is not that wealthy (worth a few million), but when she comes in she plays 12 hours a day with $500 minimum hands. That will get you what you want.

Everything has to do with how much you gamble. Now you can get comped here and there, dont get me wrong but to get free rooms, good upgrades (not the crap ones like seeing the strip or being put on a high floor) limo/RR service, etc etc, you need to gamble. A lot .

Things changed a couple years ago in Vegas. They focus much more closely on length of time played and not just average hands. I have a friend that sits down and plays $400 a hand. Traditionally he had been comped suites, meals, shows, limos, etc. After the change, even he had some challenges getting his full comps as he wasn't willing to sit for 4 hours minimum at a time.

Made me feel better about "just" getting comped free rooms.