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New car for £300 a month?


Whenever I've bought cars in the past I've always had a loan rather than using dealer finance. I don't know anything about finance options and I hear of PCP and Contract Hire but what's the difference? It all sounds the same to me!

Anyway, the missus has had her car a couple of years now and as it was her first car it's only worth a couple of grand and its time for an upgrade. I've always dismissed the idea of buying brand new because of fear of depreciation but I've started to see the value in having the comfort of a new car and the piece of mind of a warrantee etc. So I've had a quick look online at the BMW, Audi and Merc website hoping to find an amazing offer like the one I heard of where a Porsche was available at £299. Needless to say the price more then I was hoping for. Are there deals around with say 3k deposit and £300 a month for a new car? It doesn't even matter what the car is really, I'd love another 3 series on the drive even if it was only an entry level M Sport. Or perhaps a small Audi or Merc.

There is also a possibility that I'll have a company car at some point this year so if we do get a new car I'd like to be able to swap it or give it back at any time. This is because I'd want to have something a bit more sporty to share with the missus and sell the 335i.

Thanks for you help!
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