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AC Help: Blows Hot, 85psi on low side (INPA Screenshots included)

I drove my car the other day for the first time in about 2 weeks and the AC wouldn't get cold. I drove for about 20 minutes and it was still blowing warm. I'm trying to troubleshoot it, but my knowledge is limited on AC systems and info seems scarce. Help figuring this out will be appreciated.

What I've checked:
I checked the fuses, they all looked good, then I checked the low side pressure refrigerant line with the car running, AC on full blast set to the coldest temp (60F degrees) and it seems rather high at 85psi. I haven't checked the high side yet. Ambient air temp was about 80 degrees when I checked the low pressure side.

When I looked at the compressor with the car running, the center part just spins constantly whether the AC is running or not. So it seems like the problem is related to the compressor in some way. I will post INPA screenshots below. I'm not sure what to look for in it, but maybe someone here will.
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