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Originally Posted by Kaz26 View Post
...I will look at the diagrams and follow the wiring the best I can. I will also find the sensor, check if it has electricity running to it and if so, I will try to test the sensor, or just replace it. I'm attaching the screenshot of the two errors in the JBE and also a screenshot of the compressor activation I mentioned prior.
Thanks for the ScreenPrints, and thanks for the tip on the F6 Activation of the Compressor Valve being in the DME Module Menu. I had looked in IHKA & JBBF/JBE (to which the Compressor Valve is wired according to TIS) and NOT found it. If ANYONE has a good theory of WHY it's in DME, please advise.

Actually, upon further inspection of the circuit diagram, the wiring from the Compressor Valve goes FIRST to the E-box, so that probably answers the question, as the DME is the closest module to the Component for purposes of reading or over-riding (Activating) the Activation Signal from the JBE. NOTE that Connectors X6011 AND X60551, through which the JBE PWM signal passes on its way to the Compressor Valve are ALSO in the E-box.

I will attach a jpg of Kaz's Fault Memory Screen with English Translation (per Google Translate) to the next post so as NOT to mess up the margins here. Several things are curious upon reviewing the translation:

1) The AUC (air quality) Sensor Fault Code was saved 5 miles/8 km BEFORE the Compressor Valve Fault;

2) The AUC Sensor Fault is NOT currently present. Therefore, I would simply delete the code and see if it returns.

3) The nature of the AUC fault is "Implausible Signal or Value" which, taken together with the fact that the fault is NOT present at whatever later mileage the fault codes were read, suggests that there WAS some wiring fault, perhaps a dirty/ wet/ corroded connector. I would separate the connector and clean pins & sockets with Contact Cleaner. AUC is on Right vehicle side of the upper microfilter housing at the firewall under the hood. "Installation Location" in TIS can be accessed by clicking on BLUE component ID# (B414) in this A/C Functions circuit diagram, and getting the second link below:

4) Transitioning to the Compressor Valve Fault, I was trying to find some common connector or element to explain WHY the two faults were saved within 5 miles of each other. The ONLY common factor I can identify is that BOTH components receive a PWM signal from the JBE (via different connectors), but I don't know enough about how PWM signals are generated to know if that's significant or NOT.

5) As "KK" observed, the NATURE of the Compressor Valve Fault (A6D0) is "NO Signal or Value" and that could be a wiring or connector fault, including a bad Ground. So I would check the Connector to the Solenoid Valve at the Compressor, and the other connectors between the Compressor Valve Connector and the JBE.

It would be a shame to go to all the trouble & expense of pumping out the system installing a new compressor, evacuating, recharging, etc. ONLY to find that there is a wiring issue and the new compressor doesn't pump either. If I were faced with that problem I would not ONLY inspect the wiring/ connectors visually (checking for damaged pins/ sockets) but I would ALSO test the wiring electrically for continuity, from the Compressor Connector to the JBE if possible. NOTE that X6011 & X60551 are BOTH in the E-box next to each other per this "Installation Location."

HOLD THE PRESSES!! I was about to hit "Submit" when I realized I wasn't clear on what you did when you "Activated" the Compressor Valve using F6 | F1 | F9 KOREL, so I go back to your post #7 and read:
"I went in through INPA and found an activation ability for "Clima-compressor Relay KOREL". When I activate it, I can definitely hear it doing something. It isn't a "click", but it sounds like it's putting a very small, but discernibly audible load on the engine."
So AFTER selecting "Korel ein" or Compressor Valve ON, and hearing/feeling a slight engine RPM/Load change do you get any cooling? How long will the Activation over-ride make the circle dark at bottom left of INPA screen? Can you quickly go to IHKA Module & monitor Refrigerant Pressure (High Side) & Evaporator Temp to see if Compressor is pumping, OR if you have Manifold gauges, can you see a pressure change. Leaving DME Module to check IHKA may result in return of control to DME/JBE, and result in Compressor Valve shutdown -- no pumping.

What I'm wondering is if there is a wiring fault BETWEEN the JBE and the E-box, such that DME over-ride/ Activation causes the Compressor to pump, whereas the JBE signal either doesn't exist or get's lost before it gets to the Compressor. Quite a puzzle.

Please let us know what you find,
Appreciate 0