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Originally Posted by omadab View Post
Hi, last winter I bent all my wheels. Dodging potholes at 100 km/h is pretty much impossible and Montreal roads suck so much especially where I live.
Old fitment: 255/35/18
So I am looking to bring down the wheels to 17" and I want as much sidewall as possible. I mainly want the most comfortable ride possible. What would you guys recommend as the biggest sidewall this car can handle without any rubbing issues.
The car is a 2011 e92 328xi stock suspension.
Currently I am looking at 225/50/17. Any thoughts?
If going with a staggered set of wheels get 225/45/17 front and 255/40/17 in the rear and it will achieve what you want. Going to a plus sized tire will affect handling and possibly fitment. If you have runflats, simply going to standard tires makes a huge difference.
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