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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
Even the M3 V8, only 295lb of torque. While not totally pathetic, it's definitely not very impressive either.
It's a high revving 100hp/L engine and makes about 100Nm/L torque at 3900rpm which is quite low for such an engine. This means it has, for a high revving NA engine with 100hp/L, a pretty linear and wide torque curve.
I wonder if there are better NA performing engines of that era regarding to this. (and not fitted to cars costing 2 or 3 times obviously)

I mean, the 997 gt3 rs engine, which of course is a great engine in a great car (in the same era, so the PH1), has similar power and torque, but gives peak torque at 5500rpm, so thats a 1600rpm difference. The torque band in the m3 v8 is much wider (so therefore also a more practical engine)

The contemporary Audi RS4 B7, with it's high revving 4,2L V8 had similar power at similar rev (420Hp at 7800rpm), but that engine also had its peak torque at 5500rpm (430Nm). Don't know what the torque is at 3900rpm. Based on the construction one'd expect this engine would make more torque down low because afaik this is an oversquare engine and the 2 above aren't.

But then again, why mention the s65 v8 when bmw had similar power and torque per litre 10 years earlier in the s50B32. That engine was back then so far ahead of the competition, having 320Hp from a NA 3,2L engine in 1995!
Back then you had to buy a Ferrari to top that.
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