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Originally Posted by tcphoto View Post
I too am back in Nashville and have had a couple encounters with potholes...shocking! Back when I owned the E46 and living in Atlanta, I was in town for a project. Returning from dinner with the client, I was driving in town on I24 in a heavy rain, heading to I65 South. I hit a huge pothole on the I40 ramp and blew a tire plus a huge bubble on another. I reached an overpass, pulled out a full trunk of gear and changed the tire. According to the Authorities, they would have paid for the damage if they were aware of the pothole...right. How can one expect basic infrastructure maintenance when they educate children in portable classrooms?
Supposedly, from what I've heard(not confirmed), if the pot hole is 2" deep, or deeper, the state will reimburse you for damages caused by it. Have no clue if this is a thing and how one would start that claim process.
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