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Originally Posted by arguru View Post
Yea that sounds nice and all, but why haven't I been getting any responses back after I sent you and Penske both the report from the independent repair shop proving that they are liars and they DID in fact seriously endanger my life as well as hundreds of others who drive on our local roads daily?

It seems like both you and Penske were interested in "helping" me with this issue when you thought that you could disprove me and somehow discredit what I went through... but when I showed you the third party evidence showing that I've been telling the truth the whole time and North Scottsdale BMW has been lying, all of the sudden I can't get anyone to call me back?

What's wrong BMWNA? No longer interested in this now that you know the real truth behind this and not North Scottsdale BMW's cover up?
I suggest preparing a lawsuit at this point, obviously BMW is uninterested in helping any further with this matter, otherwise it would have been a priority in responding to you immediately for such a great safety concern. I don't see any further action on their part until either the dealer or BMWNA are served with papers.