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Originally Posted by 335e92tx View Post
Not quite that universal. I never used anything but Shell 93 and had two failures in a little more than 2 years.
...I would believe that I am the only one struck by luck - again, I am on my second N54 (I do approx 20K /per year) - and no problems with the HPFP ... but apparently I am not brother drives a 535 fitted with N55 and no problems so far. Also check here I still believe that having to replace multiple HPFPs has to do with some pattern ...have no idea what goes wrong. I would suspect it is the gasoline since EU doesn't seem to have the same issues...but I am in NA, I am not pampering my car, it is used daily in heat,rain, snow and on some quite bad roads here in MA. The service is also very bad compared with anything in EU (cleanliness, technical knowledge, tools etc)

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