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Originally Posted by RMG View Post
...missed to add ...I feel you pain, if i would be in your situation I would be quite upset...obviously.
The only pattern I've noticed remains the gasoline...maybe it's not the about the brand... I don't know...I only use 2 gas stations that are very busy (have a high turn around) and I have the tendency to keep my gas tank close to full especially in the cold season. All my cars are/have been driven hard, the 2006 335 (a lease) actually endured some very tough treatment... flawlessly. I wouldn't have purchased the 2009 E92 otherwise. My brother who currently owns an F10 535 and and an X5 does the same...lives in CT, lots of miles every day and night ( doctor) , skiing trips, taking constantly the kids to sport events out of state etc. Our BMW's are not garage queens....again, no HPFP problems.
That's good to know. I am buying a 335is and hope I have the same experince as you are having. I have been driving a 2004 E46 330i ZHP for the last 8 years with no problems.