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had problem once

I bought my 07 used, and didnt know about the hpfp issue till after I started having a problem. It never left me stranded just long starts and limp mode, so I replaced the hpfp myself and had done some research by this time. I have never taken it to a dealer so I dont know what software I have.

Heres what I do....

When I unlock my doors with the remote I can hear the lpfp priming. I put in the key and put on my seat belt and by that time its usually done priming. THEN I start the car. I dont not start it until after its done priming. I havent had any problems for about a year now and I drive 60 miles a day round to and from work. And plenty of joy riding on the weekends. Now if Ive been driving and pulling into the gas station then get back into the car sometimes it doesnt prime, its still holding pressure because it didnt sit that long.

Its a minor inconvenience and I dont think its something that I should have to do especially on a higher end car but oh well. They should program it so the car wont start till the fuel system is primed. That might save BMW some headache.