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The local dealership gave me the run around when I tried to get the service done under this recall. They confirmed the wastegates were rattling but presented me with a catch-22.

They claimed to verify the wastegates were faulty they would have to perform 20 hours of labor and if they weren't I would need to foot the bill. As far as I can tell, you can test the wastegates on both turbos with just the downpipes off, and even the most incompetent mechanic could take the downpipes off in less than two hours.

The SA also gave me some BS about needing to purchase new actuator assemblies even if the turbo service was approved. Perhaps he meant solenoids? My solenoids are fine.

They said I should come back when something actually breaks on the turbo assemblies. I'm sure the car will oblige them sooner or later.

Clearly I'm no bueno with this dealership, should I try another? I can only speculate the fact that I'm not the original owner plays some role.