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Originally Posted by bigup View Post
Calling JB4 users in Calgary .. I've just installed mine, and well, it's not really as great as I thought it would be.

It's certainly a little quicker, but doesn't feel night and day like many people say.

Does our altitude effect the performance gains of the JB4? I didn't think we were high enough up for that. It feels especially anemic under 3,000 rpm, and has noticeable turbo lag.

Initially I tried map 1, on Husky 94 .. I then did some logging on map 5, which apparently looks good according to BMS.. and now on advice, I'm running on Map 6 with added boost down low.

I put some V-power 91 in this morning, and it feels almost as slow as stock. I had to check that I wasn't on map 0!

I read people post things like 'wow', 'omg', 'JB4 super fast', 'wheels spinning in 3rd' etc .. but I honestly don't feel like I can say any of that.

My car is tune-only + BMS drop-in.

Am I expecting too much? Do you think I should get it dyno'd? Where to go in Calgary for that? LOL questions galore!

I don't know much about the JB4 but I have the Dinan 2 (auto) and there was a huge difference after having it. What I noticed right away was the low end take off was delayed so after driving the stock 335 and going to Dinan 2 I miss the stock low end response. From stop you gas its like huge lag and first gear almost doesn't move instead switches right to 2nd gear with a minor lag then when it spools your neck does snap into the head rest like OMFG. The only negative I had was the low end pep it just screams with stock vs the Dinan 2 and once I get going it doesn't take long to shoot up to 120km/hr. All in all I think its worth the money for the fun because most of the times I'm just cruising around and just knowing that I have power to pass at any second is pretty nice.

I believe Reggie was putting a cruise up this weekend and I just found out I won't be here to join you guys if not hopefully we'll have another meet in the summer.