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Originally Posted by bigup View Post
Lag is certainly a lot more noticeable now!

But I've not really observed any neck-snapping with the JB4 yet, in any gear, at any speed. I'm going to play around a little more with the low rpm boost settings on Map 6.

But if it doesn't get to a point where I'm at least 95% happy, I may try the Cobb tune instead.
Ya something doesn't sound right if you don't get a snap feel when it spools up and roars. What boost are you running? From what I heard Cobb tune is pretty sweet. Lag in low end is a given if you want more power from what I heard so we have to deal with that worst case go back to stock I still think its fun. Oh and with Dinan 2 you will feel a bit of a burn out in 3rd but I keep my traction on so its safe :P