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Originally Posted by Wingnutts View Post
Request for anyone that may have it, but does anyone with this suspension arm upgrade kit on a 335 happen to have a print out with all of the values after an alignment was completed?
The only thing that changes is front camber... You might have 1* of camber up front. Maybe more if you're lowered. That's it.

Front camber is not adjustable. It will be whatever it is and alignment tech isn't going to touch it.

There is not much different at all about an M3 and a 335i alignment... except the camber won't show red since M3 comes with camber in stock form.

Toe spec between both cars is pretty much the same range... M3 calls for .02-.15* toe-in up front. 335i calls for .05-.20* toe-in (more stability for a street oriented car). Same thing out back... M3 calls for
.04-.13* toe-in out back... 335i calls for .1-.2*. These are just ranges...

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