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Originally Posted by rothwem View Post
Have you ever done it before? You don't need to drop the strut, I never have and I've done it with 4 different cars. The worst experience I had was when I rounded the hex out on one side, I just used some vice grips and twisted the pin out. Its aluminum, so the vice grips bite into it really well.

I also had a set of aftermarket strut tops on the xDrive wagon I used to own, they had a formed dimple instead of a pin, I used a drill on them to remove the pin, it was probably faster than finessing the pin out with a 3mm allen wrench.

Pro-tip, pull the pins before you take it to the alignment shop, most techs are lazy and won't pull them for you. If they give you any BS about how the E90 camber isn't adjustable, point to the slotted holes and tell them how to do it.
So now you went from it's a normal part of an alignment to "oh just drill out the pin yourself before you go get the alignment"

You know damn well that no shop is going to do this for you as part of a regular 4 wheel alignment. Ask nicely and slip the tech a few dollars and you might get lucky, sure.

and again if your camber is off so far that you need to use the slack in the strut mount to even things up then you've got a broader issue. OP's concern is with what will happen to his alignment after the arm install. The answer is nothing. Just need to fix toe. Camber is going to be whatever it is. It's that simple. If he now all the sudden has a huge difference in camber then something is wrong. and if the car now all the sudden feel massively different then something is wrong. All the M3 arms will do is cause a bit more NHV.

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