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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
This really isn't a major issue - the max tongue weight is something like 300lbs. Tongue weight counts into the car's gross weight, but the actual weight of the trailer does not. While in the US these cars are "towing not recommended" due to legal and marketing reasons, in the rest of the civilized world they have something like a 1500-1800Kg tow rating. Though that is for a braked trailer, of course. I think unbraked is a bit less than 1/2 that. Were you planning on brakes?
This is going to be a very small no, I was not planning on brakes...I would say this is going to be more for show than actual heavy towing work. a couple of mountain bikes, some luggage, maybe some camping stuff.....oh, and of course a nice big cooler!

I certainly dont think the trailer would "push" the car in a braking situation.
Its also not a very long trailer, so I dont anticipate any handling issues....Ill do some research into just how heavy this thing will be....

What do you guys think for colors? I was thinking main trailer body color of course....but the hard tonneau cover has me scratching my head a bit....body color with a satin black stripe down the middle? (this would be for both protection from mountain bike dirt and for some styling....

thanks for the feedback.