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You guys wont believe this.

I was actually contacted by a high level employee at Canbec asking me to take down this post a few months back (I created the thread). I have no idea how they got my cell number but I'm assuming they digged up some photos I posted and matched the license plate to my number in their files.

The purpose of this thread was to get steam off my chest and also bring up serious issues regarding Canbec. Canbec just feels like it isn't well managed, nor properly run. Comparing them to Laval's dealer would simply be wrong.

This thread has high google SEO, if you type BMW canbec it was the 3rd post at one point, I'm assuming this is why they asked me to take it down. Although it has faded onto page 2, I assume it will go back to page 1 soon enough.

I'm keeping this thread bumped and alive, the hell I went through with this dealer now seems unimaginable. I'm sire there are many talented people that work at Canbec but it's a shame the rotten one's ruin it for them.