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Why didn't I find this before purchasing a vehicle from Canbec ...

To say I am displeased with my after sales service would be a huge understatement, they have no after sales service. I have had the car for a week (yes only one week), I have yet to check out there service department. So how is it possible that I am furious with the dealership? Simple no one will return my phone calls, not the sales rep and not the sales manager!

I have 2 little problems that should be easily rectified, but no one is willing to call me back! I have called the sales rep 5 times in one week and 0 calls back (and yes he is working), and then I got pissed off and called the sales manager (2 messages for him and no call back). Let me tell you I am not a first time BMW owner and I have purchased a lot of new cars over the last 35 years and while there are sometimes issues (I had a car break down 5 min after picking it up once), it is how a company deals with the issues that is important.

A dealership that completely ignores you after you have cut them a check! I don't think I could be more disappointed and angry.