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New rims/tires on e92 335i, Steering wheel shake. Help?

I purchased some used M3 220M style rims for my 2007 E92 335i (here is the thread). They look great, and were as advertised. I bought the tires from tire rack (265/30 and 235/35ZR-19 Sumitomo HTR Z III).

Unfortunately, starting around 35mph I get a very noticeable wobble in the steering wheel. It never completely goes away, but is less noticeable at highway speeds. The shop I had them put on at (a local european import shop) told me about the wobble, and said it was not a balancing issue (although he did not say how they knew that). His suggestion was to wait a few hundred miles and see if it evens out, but honestly after driving it a bit I don't see that happening.

I just drove it to work, and have been thinking about the best way to deal with it. Maybe I should take it to an NTB or something and have them re-balance the tires?

Any advice?