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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
I think more like 20-22. Had the ideal spec without anything 'over and above', it's a D which adds way more onto an I than most of us I owners want to admit and it is one of very few with reasonable mileage.

If it has the newer nav (which I don't suppose it will) then mores the better, but just having it will be enough for most buyers.

It was ex-BMW,so has a nice spec,and as you say,has what are the most desirable options.
It does have the newer sat nav,fortunately the car was at the very beginning of the manufacturing line that benefitted from this newer system.

Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
BMW approved cars of similar age/mileage going for 21k - with discounts, warranty and Part Exchange yours will be worth 2k less in my opinion.

But yours is a very high spec in a desirable colour combo, 20k might be about right.
I was looking at around 20-21K in honesty,based on what I had managed to find to compare against.

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
I would reckon 17-18k is not a bad shout, perhaps even a bit optimistic. As we know options count for very little in real money terms but perhaps attract a buyer. Nav is one of the few exceptions which of course does add a bit of money. Wouldn't bother listing the items in your list above which are standard equipment, people get bored reading a list and can miss out on the things that are genuine extras that distinguish your car.

The market will decide its worth anyway once you post it up.
I'd agree in part about the list,however not everyone is fully up to speed on what's an option or standard equipment on a 335D M Sport,the ad,when I've arrived at a reasonable price will go on Autotrader,where the peeps are not always as knowledgeable as the members on here.

Thanks for the input so far Guys,perhaps I could ask this question:

What amount of mark up would you expect a BMW dealer to put on a car that he had bought outright,no p/ex?

I won't mention a figure I've been offered,as I don't want to influence any answers.


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