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Agree with the above. Cant' look at the logs here at work. My suggestion would be to send the logs to Josh Dankel at Cobb. I have sent my logs to him and he has fine tuned things a bit for me (not like getting a PTF tune) which has really helped to smooth things out. I was getting some throttle closures that he fixed. I run the same map as you and the only way you are going to get 19 psi is as subaru335i described or if you start your log at to low an RPM. The other suggestion which helps to interpret logs for newbies is this thread from the N54 forum

Also there is a nice free website ( allows you to upload your raw data and makes a nice graph. I think looking at both the raw data and also in graph form helps to interpret your logs. Lastly dont' just look at boost as Subaru335i mentioned. Look at requested load vs actual load. They should be nearly the same.