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MP3 CD with 2007 iDrive

My car is in the shop right now so I'm in a loaner. I made an MP3 CD to put multiple CD's on a single disc and tried in my loaner 325 with standard stereo, non iDrive.

The standard stereo lists the folders and files I've created nicely but I always have to hit LIST to get them to show up that was otherwise it shows by track #. Regardless, being able to see the full folder and file names is AWESOME and looks great not to mention that I can fit more albums on a single disc than I could in my 2002 330i with cd+changer.

I have iDrive in my new 335i 2007. As I mentioned, my car is in the shop but I wanted to see how this would look with iDrive. My friend has a 530i with iDrive but older software. I put the same MP3 CD in his car and the folders and tracks show up like this:


with the track name using underscores instead of spaces and the name limited to a shorter number characters so the name are cut off.

Is this fixed in the new iDrive software???

LOVE THE MP3 CD Player!!!!!!! :rocks: