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Originally Posted by lkevinl View Post
Hey Dave,

Thanks for the summary. I did burn using Nero actually. I'd be surprised if the less expensive standard stereo system could display things perfectly but iDrive couldn't. This seems to be the case but I won't know until I get my car back to see if my version of iDrive displays better. My friends version of iDrive is a bit older.

Also, I organized this way:

-Artist Name (folder)
- Album Name (folder)
- Track Name.mp3 (file)

I'll need to check the settings in Nero.
This thread is good to show how it will look on your iDrive and also how to layout the files

I have progman 24... ( the latest version of iDrive) it looks just the same.

It's not not burning it in nero that's the key... it's the specific settings before burning that's imortant. I do not have them to hand.