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Tell me what I should do

Ok so lately my car has been making a weird rattling noise only sometimes and you can only hear it with the windows down btw 1st and 2nd shifts and sometimes when you rev the engine when its cold. It makes the noise right when a BOV would release air if I had one. I have no engine mods done. It doesn't sound like that tho, it sounds like a rattle that last about a second. So I'm thinking its either supposed to make this noise, its the wastegates, or its the DVs.

I had to bring my car in yesterday to get the rear brake pad sensors replaced b/c they were squeaking and I mentioned this to them, and I said you can hear it on a cold start when you rev it and btw shifts. After they fixed the pads they said they would like to hear the car when its cold so they set me up with a loaner on monday and I have to drop it off. Well the noise wasn't there this morning when I revved it, but it was there when I shifted to 2nd. Should I still bring the car in? or is this a normal sound? I don't want to be thought of the young annoying kid that is making a big deal out of nothing. I just don't want to them to go thru all this trouble and have a loaner set up and leave my car for 2 days for them to start it and hear nothing, and me look like an idiot.

What do you guys think?

I have exhaust and an intake...