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Originally Posted by jason335777 View Post
Trying to decide between the Cobb and Procede. Why does the procede add 80hp, but the Cobb like 50 without bolt ons? I wont be upgrading hardware for a while until I'm out of warranty. Does the procede make more power without bolt ons, or there be new maps for the cobb?
Stock, there is only so much power these cars can generate before you start overstress components. Almost all the major tuners get the most out of these stock cars and are usually within 5%-10% of each other depending on individual car and conditions.

Also, note that the majority of the dyno's results on this forum are based on higher reading dynojets where most of cobbs dyno's are lower reading mustang dynos. It can be mis-leading.

However, cobbs still improving maps and releasing maps, but procedes autotune elminates the need to every worry about maps.

There are a lot more variables than just power when considering a tune, I would spend 4-6 months reading these forums then pick.