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Unhappy Installed Rob Beck turbos - misfiring (with Vishnu).Misfires fixed.Timing problems...

Hi, guys,

so I installed Rob Beck turbos some time ago and went for some Performance Box testing today.

I have Vishnu Rev.2 V4 and run V4 8-17 MT Upgraded Turbo maps.

During the first run, doing WOT in 4th gear, I got a limp mode (~6200 rpm). Erased the codes and went back home to take my laptop.
I was data logging and doing 100-200 kph and 60-130 mph runs and about 60% of all runs I got limp modes. All of them were either in 3rd of in 4th gear when passing ~6200-6300 rpm. If I don't push over 6k rpm, everything's just fine.

The codes were:
10700 - 29CC: haven't found the definition, but it's related with misfires.
10705 - 29D1: Misfirings, cylinder 5
10706 - 29D1: Misfirings, cylinder 6

As mentioned before, I am running V4 8-17 MT Upgraded Turbo maps with these settings:

Firmware 29

I was running both Map 1 and Map 2.
Oh, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I haven't done this harness upgrade yet.

98 RON fuel (93-94 AKI)

I can post some data logs, but don't know which channels to choose.

Could it be software related problems or hardware (again)?

As far as I understand the reasons could be:
- software related: wrong maps, wrong settings resulting in too lean AFRs, etc.
- hardware related: spark plugs, spark plug coils, O2 sensor, injectors.

My car was running fine before installing upgraded turbos.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. The car runs strong on low boost, but not too impressive @ ~16 psi. Only 0.2-0.4 seconds faster 100-200 and 60-130. I was expecting to improve the times by at least 1 second...
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