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Originally Posted by ptan55 View Post
Oh c'mon... I am not an Obama fan, but surely many will agree that Bush was an ideologue when it came to the war on Iraq. Bush was not looking at facts. He had already decided to invade Iraq irregardless of whether they had WMD and continue to cook the books to make his case even when the facts showed otherwise.
There was absolutely nothing distinctly ideological about the case for the war against Iraq. If you recall it was supported by a broad cross section of the American people and by large majorities in the Congress.

This idea that Bush "cooked the books" maybe an article of faith for many but it is simply not borne out by the facts. The report recently released by Sen Rockefeller, despite his statements to the contrary bears this out.
On Iraq's nuclear weapons program? The president's statements "were generally substantiated by intelligence community estimates."

On biological weapons, production capability and those infamous mobile laboratories? The president's statements "were substantiated by intelligence information."

On chemical weapons, then? "Substantiated by intelligence information."

On weapons of mass destruction overall (a separate section of the intelligence committee report)? "Generally substantiated by intelligence information." Delivery vehicles such as ballistic missiles? "Generally substantiated by available intelligence." Unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to deliver WMDs? "Generally substantiated by intelligence information."

(S)tatements regarding Iraq's support for terrorist groups other than al-Qaeda "were substantiated by intelligence information." Statements that Iraq provided safe haven for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and other terrorists with ties to al-Qaeda "were substantiated by the intelligence assessments," and statements regarding Iraq's contacts with al-Qaeda "were substantiated by intelligence information."

Now Rockefeller is no right winger but even he was saying in late 2002, "There has been some debate over how 'imminent' a threat Iraq poses. I do believe Iraq poses an imminent threat. I also believe after September 11, that question is increasingly outdated. . . . To insist on further evidence could put some of our fellow Americans at risk. Can we afford to take that chance? I do not think we can."

Another example of ultra rightist, is his being beholdened to the religious right. There is nothing wrong with people believing in their faith. My problem is when they try to impose their faith on me!
How has this alleged beholdenness translated into policy? In what way has Bush attempted to impose his faith on you or anyone else?

This also extends to Supreme Court appointments. While I am not looking for activist judges, I dont want a leftist or rightist activist judge.
Then you should be extremely satisfied with Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. They are not activists by any stretch.

I also hate the no-bid contracts that Bush gave out to enrich his supporters in Halliburton, the oil industry, military industrial complex...
There is absolutely no evidence that Bush had any role in the awarding of any no-bid contracts or that they were awarded to friends or supporters. Often no-bid contracts are awarded when there is an immediate need to a specific service, there is a history of a contractor providing such service, and as in the case of those awarded to KBR, a dearth of viable competitors in the field.

People have forgotten another rationale for going to war in Iraq.
There was a belief amongst neocons that a pro-US Iraq could transform the middle east to be more pro-US.
Unfortunately, Bush/Rumsfeld screwed it all up with the execution and made the mess we have today.
Don't you think it is a little early to judge the results in Iraq. Every day the elected government gets stronger, the insurgency grows weaker, and popular support for both the Shia and Sunni extremists declines.

Thank your brother for his service.

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