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Belt/Holster Carry options for Cameras

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since I've been around and posted, but I'm going on a trip soon and I'd really like to find the best option for what I shoot and how I move with the rig I generally have out.

I do mostly nature photography, and animals more so than anything else. Having something readily available that's easy to carry is the key. I'm comfortable with heavy belts and holsters, it's what I do with the military day in and day out. That's generally how I carry my water (in a drop pouch), and how I walk with my 80+ lb packs.

So, how to carry a camera?
Holsters seem natural especially for quick shooting.

I saw this, thought it was a pretty good option, but I wanted to see if the community had any experience with it.

Camera being carried currently or that I expect to hike/walk with:
T6i w/ ISM II 100-400 (this would be my heaviest glass either way).

Thanks in advance guys.
(I did some digging to see if there were other threads on this, but only found something about bags back in 2012, not a lot around, but it might be in a general discussion somewhere that I'd missed).
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