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Originally Posted by Jonjt View Post
I've found a 09 m-sport 335i with every option I want except Nav. So, obviously, I will loose the nav functionality, iDrive and the additional radio features. But, I can't visualize the actual effect the lack of nav will have on my driving experience.

Can e90 post share its opinions on the Nav system? Both for nav use and for audio use? I really like the car and might be willing to sacrifice the nav features for the car but, I'd like to see what other people this of this before I spend the money.

Thanks guys.
I drive about 20,000 miles/year and see absolutely no value/need/desire for Nav. I don't get it. Lots of people do though. I think 09 had that brutal looking afterthought/hump on the dash to accomodate it too. Yikes.