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Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
lol, I am Spurs fan, I had them to win it all. But if you look at my history of post here, I go by team per game. You might call me jumping on the bandwagon but I see it as an investment if you know what I mean.

Either way, hope your not upset as I did root for your Heat to win tonight. But your Heat is going down to OKC for damn sure.
I was already pretty sure the Heat would win this game. Game 7 at home + 3-7 playoff record for the Celtics on the road.

I think Miami is ready for the challenge after playing against the Pacers without Bosh and playing half of the series without Bosh against the Celtics and still come out with a win. What the Heat does is Wade need to step up. Not just in the 4th quarter. The whole game. Making 5-10 points in 3 quarters is not acceptable.