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Not sure what dealer software I am running? It is an 07/2009 build and is probably original software. My issues are exactly the same as yours. I am going to completely remove the procede reset adaptations reload firmware and software on procede with most recent updated maps and then reinstall. Making sure to pause and hit every step.

The dealer doesn't like me, current mods: AA BOV, AA signature exhaust, Raceland DP's, Er sport Oil Cooler, Procede 2.5, BMS DCI, AA Race Intercooler will be installed by end of the week.

When I do the Intercooler I am going to triple check Boost leaks but I haven't noticed poor boost conditions.

All of this happened when I re-wired the harness for O2 modifier to pass inspection. I am through that so I re-wired the procede back to eliminate the O2 wires but it's still acting up.

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Just finished trouble shooting this code after around a year. What software are you running from the dealer? Update your software first. If the problem is still there it could be due to a small boost leak. Mine was in my stock dv's. As soon as I updated my software and swapped in my ER chargepipe and Forge Dv's, the code never showed again.

I would get the code at partial throttle cruising on the freeway, I always knew it was the same code because the fan would always kick on high, oil temps would plummet, and I would have 1/4 of the normal power I normally have, I could barely even downshift.

Also when you are resetting the adaptations with the procede, be sure to wait around 10 seconds after resetting the dme before moving to the next command, sometimes that can throw the same code if reset too quickly.