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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Very nice. So is the new speaker frame sandwiched between the back of the door panel and the old speaker frame or is the only thing holding it against the old frame the silicone sealant?
The new speakers fit through the existing hole and sit a little forward of the door panel (but still behind the OEM grille)--which is why I gain at least 5mm in clearance on the backside. It is not mounted at all to the door panel. However it is secured quite well to the old speaker frame. Because the speaker is mounted on the front side of the old frame, the only way it can come out is to be lifted from the front of the frame. However, on the basket of the speaker there are a few tabs that I was able to bend over a lip on the back of the old frame so that it keeps the speaker from moving forward. I've attached a picture to show what I mean. The silicone also serves as an adhesive, but its primary function is to create a good seal between the frame and the speaker.
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