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Originally Posted by Ramppo View Post

Purchased Cool Carbon Brake Pads last November and drove the car for a few weeks with them with no issues at all actually the where performeing really well. Then i put the car to garage for winter.
Now this spring as i had my Vishnu meth kit and had been data loging the car i have done lot of hard brakeings, after a few data logging sessions the car started to shakeing like crazy when brakeing so i took it to a friend of mine who is working at the BMW turns out that the BMW:s OEM rotors couldn`t take the heat the Cool Carbon pads make during hard brakeings and the OEM rotors where crooked.
Anybody else had similar issues?
The OEM pads might be better than Cool Carbon, as the product has been getting mixed reviews. The stock pads are dust monsters, so if the cool carbons don't produce much dust, my theory is that they will not be able to hold up under extreme braking, as low dust pads, seem to melt easily.