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Originally Posted by ken530i View Post
How do you like the Helix 234? Are you pleased? What would you do to improve sound quality?


For the price, and given the limited options available in Hong Kong, I am pleased. A couple of notes:

1) the tweeter is too large to snap into the OEM housing. However, you may wish to play with the direction before mounting the tweeter anyway. I modified the housing to change the direction of the tweeters so that they face away from me and more towards the windshield. I then used silicone caulk to hold the tweeter in place.

2) I did use silicone caulk to seal the mid-speaker to the front of the speaker mount that I created.

3) finally, the frequency range of the speakers on the low side is 90 hz. Not particularly low so I'm probably weak in the mid-bass area but I don't really notice it. For discriminating listeners however, this may be a concern.