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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
That's a trick some guys use in the Lexus too. I am concerned that at high excursions, that mounting method might allow the surround to hit the back of the grille. I've had this problem in X5 E70 and in 1-series. It may sound like a tweeter distortion. Keep an ear out for it.

I am currently running H234 in my car as a test. I have the tweeters on axis and it works well for me. Watch how they sound after break in, as that tweeter does smooth out a lot after a few hours of playing.

They are bigger than the OEM, definitely. Are you using the passive crossovers? Which output setting are you using?
I agree that the surround is pretty close to the grille. I did just try running the volume at an uncomfortably high level and did not pick-up this sort of distortion--sound remained quite clean.

Funny you should mention the break in as I commented not 30 minutes ago that I feel like the speakers sound better after running them for a week.

I wish I had done some testing to decide whether I like on-axis or off before mounting the tweeters. When I move my head so that they get on-axis, I prefer the sound--but this could just be the ear's natural preference for higher volume.... At this point, I feel like I put so much effort into modifying the housings and securing the tweeters in an unnatural position within the housing that the idea of undoing it all makes me a bit ill. But if you actually do any testing on-axis vs. off-axis and conclude it sounds better on, I will probably rip it apart and make the change.

I am running the passive crossover that was included and was able to fit it in the door panel on the flat spot a little below the speakers by removing the housings and just mounting the circuit board. I did not change any of the default (flat) jumper settings as frankly by that point I just wanted to get the install done--and right now I don't want to keep pulling the door panel off again if I can avoid it. But having spent time with the system I don't feel like I really want to adjust the tweeter level.

I look forward to hearing your views on these speakers. BTW do you have the H234 or P234? I checked with Helix and they said that the differences between the two are in the membrane and magnet. In Hong Kong it was about a US$70 difference between the two sets. No having heard them side-by-side I cannot comment on the difference but note that the P234 claims a low end of 85hz versus the 90hz of the H234.