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Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
This is a helpful discussion, keep it up!

Hey Ramppo, I was in Turku for a while last month. Finland rocks, one of my favorite places in the world.

Not sure I would get drilled rotors. Slotted are OK for track, but not drilled.
Nice to hear you liked it, have to admit that Finland is quite nice place at the summer time but iam not so sure about the winter though.

All ready ordered the rotors so drilled+slotted are comeing. My friend(BMW mechanic) clearly stated that the OEM rotors where crooked due the exessed heat from the hard brakeings, i also could see myself the "waves" at the surface of the rotors.
I thought that the more cooling the less crookeing effect so my pick was drillet+slotted we will how it works as i get the new RB turbos i will have a lot of logging to do.