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Originally Posted by jopa489 View Post
Sounds like a good plan, but be sure you're up for doing the detail yourself (or have a professional lined up to do it). If you're going to DIY, be sure you have the tools, supplies, and knowledge to do the job right. I'm not sure what your experience is, but the last thing you want is a costly mistake on your brand new car.
+1. If you've never done it before and interested in learning I'd find a good local detailer and ask them if you can watch/help/ask questions while they work on your car. Most good detailers will be more than happy to have you at least watch. I would stay away from any detailer that doesn't want you to see the work they do (makes me believe they aren't doing it correctly). Also, be sure and tip accordingly because it will likely take them a little extra time to stop and explain what they are doing to you.
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