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Originally Posted by theclay
No, listen to longtran. Enroutte is 17 and her parents buy her everything she needs. Once they grow up you (puck & ward) become the daddy.
Or you could just date 17 year olds. If you do, please send pics.

That's not true. My parents do NOT but me everything I need. Also.. even if I had less material things in my life, I would still cherish sentimental gifts over more superficial things. I'm not saying I'd like a cheesy 5-minute made card over an IPOD.. but if it was something super sentimental like a song, or something that took much effort, I would love it way more than an IPOD. Seriously.

The little things in life matter so much more. The little things are the memories that stay with you long after the ipods and laptops are obsolete.