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Originally Posted by BES335xi
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Do MNC performance in Lynbrook also do regular jobs besides engine mods?
They dont do any body work IMO, but everything else yes. But you should contact them or go speak to them maybe they have a body shop or recommend you with 1.
I've used MNC on all my Mods + Engine work, and i have nothing but good things to say about them and the best thing about Martin is, He is an honest & a trust worthy guy/tech. As i've used one mech. in queens and tried to jipp me 800$ for changing a water pump which he never changed!!! Thankfully i went to MNC the next day i got my car back and we were just looking under my car and i've noted to him that i just had my water pump changed he looked at it and said i'm sorry but whoever said they changed ur water pump lied, i was f*cking furius!!! I got intouch with the other shop and martin helped and i sent him pictures and the next day i went and got my money back and never going there again! I will not say which shop was it as the owner fired the guy right after but yeah cant really trust anyone with you're car! So all i'm saying is that ive been to MNC and left my car there dozen of times and everything has worked out great.
I dont need body work, my car has an electrical problem so thats why im asking. Hopefully they can find the problem and fix it