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Originally Posted by jezzy View Post
Bumping this thread, looking for advice too. Retrofitted a cic from 2009, added a Sirius tuner p/n 65126948064 to my trunk using the cd-changer wiring + MOST black plug. My car didn't have Sirius pre-wiring but the cd-changer is the exact same plug. Can anyone confirm if the wire outputs from cd-changer to Sirius tuner are the same?

Reason why I'm asking : once plugged in, there's no life in my Sirius tuner (bought it used), I'm assuming the wiring pin out might not be the same?

I added $655 to my VO and see Sirius in my Radio options, but no ESN appears, and have subscribed as of an hour ago.

Not sure about the CD and Sirius plug compatibility but I DO know it needs to be coded for the module to work.