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Just to make everyone aware, if you're already on an O2 iPhone plan, it's worth seeing if you're on the O2 Priority List. Basically, if you continually spend a minimum of 35 per month on your iPhone contract, you get a 1 month advance on your upgrade (ie. you can upgrade after 17 months as opposed to 18)

If you continually spend a minimum of 50 per month, you get a 3 month early upgrade. And if you continually spend a minimum of 85 a month, you get a 6 month early upgrade. So for Z4Beemer above, instead of his contract running out on 18th December this year, he could possibly get an early upgrade on 18th June !!

It's worth seeing what upgrade you are entitled to - you should call O2 customer services by dialling 402 from your mobile (for existing O2 customers obviously!)

I've spent the morning talking to them and organising my O2 accounts, with the result that it's only going to cost me 90ish to upgrade to the 32Gb iPhone 3GS, keeping my tariffs as they are, and getting a European Plus bolt-on thrown in for good measure!!!