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Originally Posted by davidwarren View Post
Since we are talking about ICs and making sure they work efficiently, can we talk about the cowl delete for a second?

The IC works by having fresh air flow through it. Part of that equation is making sure the air has a place to go behind it. The engine bay is closed off with the cowl and underbody panel to use the low pressure under the car to suck out the engine bay air.

When you take the cowl off, you mess with that air flow. It would seem that you are giving the under hood air another path to escape, but the cowl area is usually high pressure. That's why our fresh air intake is there, and why you see muscle cars with "cowl induction" hoods that are open in the back.

So rather than giving under hood air another escape path, it would seem that you are adding air pressure, which would reduce the efficiency of all radiators(IC included).

Just wondering if anyone has any data on air management with a cowl versus without.
I want to see more discussion on this.
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