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Originally Posted by PiZauL View Post
I've noticed this in D mode, doesn't do it in DS mode. Usually always happens when I don't fully stop and give it more than 25% throttle to accelerate again from 1-3mph. It's as if it's being slammed into gear. If you are very light on the throttle or in DS mode it doesn't happen. I just thought it was normal, and since this many folks exerience the same thing its starting to sound like it (or a software defect like zigsman pointed out).

edit- reread the original post and for me I don't get any thud or jerk when coming to a stop, only when accelerating from a 1-3mph roll
I replaced the transmission mechatronics sleeve, seal adapter, changed the fluid and reset the adaptive values all at the same time a few weeks ago. Since then, I have only put a couple hundred miles on my car, but it seems to have fixed the problem. Before I did this, the hard shift issue would re-surface after approximately 20-50 miles. So far, so good. Price wise, it was only a couple of hundred dollars, and the VAST majority of that was in the new transmission pan/filter and oil. The mechatronics sleeve and seal adapter were less than $20 combined, so if you re-use your oil and pan, you can fix this yourself for about $20.


First off, this problem is NOT NORMAL, it is a defective solenoid in the mechatronics. I found after driving for a couple of months the "bump" came back so I replaced all of the solenoids in the mechatronics. The job is fairly simple and the parts cost $455 (on sale right now) so if you feel inclined, see my other post on this topic:


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