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Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
you 'listen'... regardless if there's other parts in the way or not, they are still fake quads and still a poser's mod. (like sticking an "///M" logo on a non-M car)

Also, those boxes can be cut and/or moved away. The box in the middle is your trunk's emergency kit box... this can be unbolted and an aluminum plate be put in its place. Also, the box to the far right is the battery housing. You can take the battery and mount it some place else and just cut the box away...

A more effective way of making a quad exhaust from a single tube would be to run a y-pipe before the tips [on the driver's side]and route your pipe parallel to the bumper and connect the tips from there... probably would cost the same $100 for the same job, just more creative.

I'm kind of curious though, what was the muffler guy thinking when he made this? "Oh man... i can't believe this guy is doing THIS to his bimmer! Oh well, at least i'm getting paid..."
Try not to judge before you know the facts. OP has a Magnaflow catback. He didn't want to alter it for resale AND convenience purposes.

And frankly, who gives a shit? It looks exactly the same. N52 exhaust isn't going to shake violently like a Corvette's would or anything, so it's unnoticeable even with throttle.

If you want to talk about "fake" mods, look at your own car and make a post about all the shitty replica parts you have on it. Don't have "real" wheels? Just save up the extra 3k they cost. This community thrives off of replicas and clever solutions.

The N52 powered BMW is slow. It will always be slow. After a tune, there's essentially no cost effective way to get power.. So we go cosmetic. Why go through all the extra BS to have "true" quads when it makes no difference in aesthetics, damages the value of his catback, and doesn't make it any faster or louder? Give me a break.